Would the Prince of Cambridge Find Comfort in Your Home Nursery?

Venturelli Group July 23, 2013

Has the recent birth of the Prince of Cambridge inspired any decor changes in your home? Apparently many parents-to-be are anxious to follow the example of the Duchess of Cambridge in choosing muted tones and elegant styling for their homes, and particularly in their nurseries. Speculation from a variety of news organizations has the royal nursery fitted with a creamy white wicker Moses basket from Blue Almonds, a London boutique, with the chosen nursery colors described as earth tones, with a mix of sage and browns. Located in a twenty room apartment at Kensington Palace, the recently upgraded home and nursery is reported to have the latest security features, as well as a private garden which the Duke and Duchess and young Prince can enjoy by stroller, when not occupying the royal nursery. Costs of outfitting the royal nursery (and pictures of the room itself) have not yet been disclosed, however considering the significance of its occupant, are likely to be high. In the United States, the average bedroom remodel, which would include a nursery, costs between $2,978 and $13,659 depending on the location of your home, according to the Houzz Real Remodeling Costs Guide.  These numbers are based on the average room and nursery, such as one you might find in your home, rather than one created for royalty, so don't expect the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge to keep in that dollar range. When remodeling a room in your home, do you outline a budget and track projected costs? What percentage of your budget do you use towards material costs such as paint and flooring versus the amount set aside for furnishings? Have you recently remodeled a nursery in your home? If so, what inspired your decor and what would you do differently were you to do it again?  

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