Making Your Home Into the Summer Party Headquarters

Venturelli Group July 10, 2013

If you'll be celebrating summer with a party in your home this year, here are a few things to keep in mind. Summertime parties are the perfect type to be thrown out of doors. Guests can mingle easily, enjoying the warmer temperatures and casual feel being outside creates, plus you can look forward to less clean up and preparation. Prepare ahead of time and you may find yourself having a great time alongside your guests.

Essentials of Hosting an Outdoor Party at Your Home

Plan for sun - Some areas can get very high temperatures, so if you are planning for afternoon fun, make sure you have some shade. Supply seating under trees or tents, or use misters to allow your guests to cool off easily. You may even consider moving your party into the late afternoon or evening. Choose music & a theme - Review outdoor oriented party themes, something adventurous or focused around an event or cause or holiday. You'll be surprised by how much more excited your friends are by attending your themed event. Determine food & drinks & numbers - Plan ahead with vendors or hired help to ensure the best time. Knowing that someone else is responsible to monitor food safety or drinks will bring you peace of mind. Provide many coolers or ice filled buckets of beverages to keep your guests cool and make sure you have enough. Do you often host parties in your home? Do you have some great advice to share on managing people while still having fun at your own party in your home? If so, please share your comments below. And if you end up throwing a party this summer, have a blast!

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