How Will You Move Your Home

Venturelli Group June 10, 2013

When it comes time to move from your home, do you have a plan? Does the traditional method of boxing up rooms and stacking furniture to be loaded on a truck appeal to you?  Prefer professional movers to coordinate the move?  Or would consider the more modern style of gathering the contents of your home? For instance, have you ever thought about using PODS or YOU CRATE™ as a viable option to moving from your home? The term PODS stands for Portable On-Demand Storage and is a system that has been gaining popularity in the last few years. PODS are large room sized containers where you can store your items as you plan for a move from your home. They come in multiple sizes and you can order one, two, or more, depending on your needs. PODS are delivered to your home to be filled and then removed when full.  At that time the PODS are taken to either a storage facility or your new home. PODS offer move convenience than the typical truck rental as they can be packed ahead of time, moved on your request and even stored prior to arriving at your final destination. This can be especially handy if you are planning a relocation or are moving into a home that is under construction. YOU CRATE™ is another type of moving product, similar to PODS, which uses plastic shipping and wooden shipping crates to store your items and transport them for you. YOU CRATE™ includes tracking devices in your crates to ensure your security, as well. To read more about PODS, click here. To find out about YOU CRATE™, click here.

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