Perfect Home | Pure Serendipity

My wife and I had been actively looking for a house to buy for about six months.  We were going to open houses and looking at all the online sites, but every time we found a house within our price range that we liked, there would be a frenzy of people with offers greater than ours and/or cash. It was discouraging. That’s when I randomly bumped into Gabe, a friend of many years, and started asking his thoughts on the current market trends. We talked for a while and I walked away with some great advice. Two weeks later, Gabe called me to say that he may have found a perfect house for us. Surprised, I asked how? Gabe and Bruce had gone out and knocked on doors looking for interested sellers. And in a moment of pure serendipity, found someone. Gabe and Bruce both went out of their way to help us, and it really showed in the escrow process. Through all the twists and bumps, they were there to explain everything. Gabe and Bruce were a pleasure to work with!  And now we own a perfect home to start a family. Thanks Gabe and Bruce!

Max Cali