Our Local Experts

Gabe and Bruce Venturelli have worked as my family’s real estate broker in Santa Barbara for 8 years, ever since my son was an infant. My wife, my son and I live in New York City, but we wanted to relocate to Santa Barbara. Before we met Gabe and Bruce, we tried real estate brokers who represented sellers aggressively but never managed to be able to work as heartily or earnestly for us as buyers. They both represent sellers very fairly and professionally, but they also uniquely capable of dedicating their time and efforts to buyers, while maintaining great integrity and enthusiasm. They both enjoy helping and enlightening buyers and communicate easily and very well. They are very effective in analyzing the local real estate market, illustrating to buyers how property is appraised and showing them the strategic and tactical approach to negotiating with sellers. As a native Santa Barbara residents, Gabe and Bruce are intimately familiar with local history, culture, geography, education, business and demographics. As a father son team they are successful local real estate brokers, with impeccable training and professional credentials and with Gabe having been educated with a UCSB college degree. They are both very intelligent, well respected by local peers, and are well connected with local bankers and other professionals. Very importantly, Gabe and Bruce have a great “real” personality with a unique perspective and a friendly, laid-back attitude. They are hard workers who can make it fun to buy or sell property. Dedicated local sales consultants, with exceptional customer service, their professional demeanor is wonderful, and extraordinary negotiating skills. We really enjoy working with Gabe  and Bruce Venturelli. They are a 5-star real estate team and you will enjoy working with them like we have.

Mark & Audrey Tannen