Your Very Best Hope Ranch Connections

Not often that I write a review but I felt inclined because of the GREAT job the Venturelli Group did representing us. We contacted the standard issue friends of friends and found that we just got spammed with MLS listings that were not even close to what we wanted. Then we kept seeing Gabe and Bruce popping up being involved in the sale that “got away.” They hadn’t even hit the MLS. They are incredible in their pursuit of the deal that most agents never know about. I’ve bought and sold many commercial and multi-family properties and not many residential, but they are the best I’ve run into. We bought a fixer in Hope Ranch that had over 20 offers. It’s unheard of that an outsider would get included.  Both Gabe and Bruce are responsive, fair, proactive, professional and easy to get to know.  I’d recommend them to anyone that wants the inside track!

Rob Hunter & Lisa Solana