A Definite Success!

I began working with the Venturelli Group to find a multi-unit property here in Santa Barbara back in July of 2012 and worked with them as my primary realtors until I purchased my home in April 2013. Gabe and Bruce knew that I wasn’t in a rush to purchase by any certain deadline, and they were never pushy with me, but made sure to check in consistently and keep things moving forward. Since I was new to this whole thing (this is my first property purchase), I looked to them to guide me in the house-hunting process. They were very helpful and informative and always made me feel like they had my best interest in mind. When we finally found the right place, Gabe and Bruce facilitated a speedy close and all of the closing details went quite smoothly. I’d definitely recommend the Venturelli Group if you’re looking to purchase or sell a home in the area. They really made my first home buying experience stress free and I’m very happy with what they helped me find and BUY!

Lauren Salaun